Liquidation proceedings initiated; Lender meetings, Lender briefings

We would like to inform D. Lenders that we will hold a creditors' meeting for the following companies on Oct 24, 2021:

04-09-015097 Long-Build-Trade Kft. 16.Fpk.92/2021/8 2021.10.18 Terdik Tibor 2022.01.19 10:00
05-09-033427 Megbízható Építő-Solar Century Kft. 8.Fpk.85/2021/9 2021.10.19 Terdik Tibor 2022.01.19 10:15
19-09-520923 Ott és Egyedi Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft 6.Fpk.95/2021/11 2021.11.11 Terdik Tibor 2022.01.19 10:30

We draw the attention of D. Lenders to the fact that you can participate in the creditors' meeting by using an electronic communication device instead of a personal appearance.We provide the following information regarding the creditors' meeting to be held on Oct 24, 2021:

D. Lenders are requested to inform us 5 days prior to the scheduled date of the creditors ’meeting how they would like to contact the liquidator in order to hold a successful creditors’ meeting.